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Behat Extensions

Starting from version 2.4, Behat is bundled with extremely powerful extension system, that gives you ability to integrate your feature suite with major web and testing frameworks, such as Symfony2 or Mink.

Testing Frameworks

Assertion or acceptance testing tools.

Web Frameworks

Web frameworks integration.

Integration Extensions

Extensions providing integration with 3rd-party services and tools

Context Extensions

Extensions providing custom step definitions and useful context utils

  • PageObject - provides tools for implementing page object pattern.
  • Behatch Contexts - provides most common behat contexts.
  • Doctrine Data Fixtures - increases feature test isolation by reloading data fixtures between features.
  • Symfony2 Mocker - provides ability to mock services, defined in Symfony2
  • Monolog - Integrates Monolog (logging library) with Behat.

Runner Extensions

Extensions to Behat testing mechanisms.